It's hot in herreee....

June 19, 2003

summer is finally arrived……and it’s only the beginning, can’t imagine how HOT it’s gonna be come july or august. I haven’t updated this blog for a’s not that i', busy, in fact I have a lot of free time right now cause I don’t take summer school and my work load at work is really lite too since the school and the Sunday madrassa have closed for the summer, in fact I don’t have to come to work everyday. But I don’t know why, I just couldn’t manage to sit tight in front of the computer and start composing something…even though I have a lot to tell. It’s just whenever I feel like typing something, it’s always too late to do it cause I either have to do something or to go somewhere right at that time.

So I don’t take any MBA classes this summer, i was planning to take a Spanish or a photography class at a nearby community college, but I was so caught up with this moving thing that I completely forgot about it…and the classes have started now. I’m thinking of what I’m gonna do this summer..i wanna do something new or something different so I could actually have a useful summer…hmm….ngapain yah?...*thinking hard*..

Lately, I have spent more and more time in the kitchen…brushing up my culinary skills, hihi..telat banget sebenernya soalnya dapur di apt yang baru ini kecil, udah gitu di tengah2 it stinks up the whole apt whenever I cook something, makanya mau masak aja repot bgt, I have to make sure all the closets are closed..pintu2 kamar dan kamar mandi di tutup tutupin, light up scented candles in every corner dan sliding doors ke patio di buka lebar2…hehe..mana summer lagi nggak ada angin..huuh..

Oh iya, kemaren Dubes Indonesia buat di sini *Soemadi Brotodiningrat* dateng ke St. Louis atas undangan World Affair Council of St. Louis to speak at their annual dinner. Trus Permias St. Louis bikin acara siangnya untuk ngundang pak dubes ini, soalnya mumpung udah di st. louis. So I spent the whole day yesterday helping them…! Acara nya makan siang bersama di one of the ballroom in University of Missouri St. Louis, trus ada sambutan sambutan juga, diskusi dan tanya jawab. Basically Pak Dubes ya ngomongin hal hal seputar Indonesia, dari politik, pemilu, tentang US Immigration, tentang orang orang Indonesia yang disini dan nggak ketinggalan ngomongin Inul juga dong, hehehe. Dubes nya orangnya kocak gitu, he cracked me up a few times..and he seemed very humble too…he didn’t put himself to look like the most important Indonesian man in the US.

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