1st post from the office

June 13, 2003

…I’m being magabuters today cause the manager is not here..hihi. She called me this morning and told me that she’s not gonna be at work today, so she just wanted to remind me to bring my own key, otherwise I won’t be able to get in since we are the only people who use this room….so no one else has the key…and then after I hung up the phone, I just realized that I don’t have the key with me. It’s in the other key chain that dendre took with him to work…oh noo. I knew when he grabbed that key chain this morning I felt like maybe he should grab the other one instead, nggak ngerti kenapa ada pikiran gitu aja..not because I realized that it’s got my office key in it…cuma nggak tau kenapa berpikiran gitu aja, tapi abis itu langsung mikir..”ah sama aja kok kunci yg mana aja juga”. ..huahh…jadilah tadi pagi sebelom kerja I drove all the way to downtown to his office first to pick up the damn key, so it took me almost an hour to get to work this morning yang padahal biasanya cuma 10 menit aja. Huhu..should have listened to my so called inner voice.

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