Panick Mode = ON

May 20, 2003

I’ve been in panick mode these past couple of days, and the people at cypress hill village should be held responsible for it!!

You see..i was supposed to be moving out of this apt this Friday, I’ve already found an apartment that I like, signed the contract, paid the deposit and all that since more than a month ago. But suddenly the manager in the new apt called me last thursday, saying that the unit is not gonna be ready by this weekend or any other weekends for that matter cause she said the last tenant had a fire incident so now they have to get some serious inspections done and it will cost them a fortune. So that’s a bummer..but she gave me another unit that she said will be available come Friday, and the unit turns out to be a lot better than the one I chose, so I was okay with that. Even though I was still upset with the fact that I had to call all of the utilities’ company to switch the service to different address..erghh. trust me it is frustrating to call the 1-800 number, listening to all of the menus, and waiting for a few minutes till the sales representative finally answered the calls, and mind you, there are more than 10 phone calls that i have to go through!!! But anyway, I didn’t make a big deal out of it, still happy and excited to be moving to a new place.

But you know what happened?...just right when I finished making all those phone calls on friday morning, the manager called me …and told me that she apparently messed up the paperwork and somebody else had just moved in to that particular unit so she has to give me another one again . WTF?!?!.. How could she tossed me around like that?!?! I was soooo pissed off I couldn’t even say anything.. feeling like banging my head against the wall. that means I have to call each of the utilities’ company again one by one and asked them to switch the service to another address all over again!! And you know what frustrating me even more?? I took a look at the unit that she gave, and I don’t like it at all!!! Basically the floor plan/the interior is the same. But the building is far away from the apt’s entrance, it’s all the way to the end, next to the cemetery complex!!! Plus the exterior of the building looks very old..pokonya it was very disappointing. So I told her that there’s no fucking way i'm gonna move to that shitty unit, cause had she told me in the first place that that's the only unit available, i wouldn't even bother to think about moving there. i agreed to move there to the unit i chose, not to any units that she gives me...she apologized and everything, but shit her apologize didn’t do me any good..i need more than apologize..i need a place to live!!!...But in the end I just told her that I’m going to think about it over the weekend...and after thinking about everything thoroughly, dendre and i decided to give it a shot and move in anyway, cause there is not enough time to find a new one cause the contract in this apt will be expired this weekend, and we don’t wanna be homeless that’s fo sho!!!.

So anywaaay..she called yesterday morning and asked about my decision, I was about to tell her that I will take the apt but she was talking crap about how she doesn’t understand why I don’t like the unit. somehow, i got the impression that she was trying to make me feel like I should be thankful and grateful about it, as if she's giving out some kind of freebies or something..and what pisses me even more was the way she asked if i was going to move in or not, she made it sound like i was wishy washy about it and only cause her troubles..WTF??..she's the one who messed up everything...i’ve had it up to here *point to forehead* and at that minute I was like..that’s it!!...fuck this..i don’t need this, she has given me too much headache and if I move there that means I’ll be dealing with her from time to time and honestly i'd rather undergo a root canal that having to deal with her ever again...erghh..i feel like shredding her to pieces right now!! i canceled the contract right away......4 days before the day that I’m supposed to get my azz from this apt!!..poor lil old me..! I’ve told the management in this apt about my situation…and they said I could extend the contract to another month so that I will have enough time to find a new apt. so at least that’s a relieve, but I still wanna move as soon as possible though so I can just get rid of it and carry on with my life…*sigh*..

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