Birthday boy

May 12, 2003

Today is my brother birthday, he’s turning 9…=) masih kecil banget yaa..masih kelas 3 SD, we were born 15 years and 10 days apart. I miss him like hell. I flipped through my photo album a few days ago, and I saw one picture consists of my family members that was taken in cengkareng’s airport, right before I skipped the country for the first time, circa 1997, so it was 6 years ago. he was 3 years old back then.. that means i've been missing his childhood days and it gives me this sharp pang right in my heart when i thought about it..i feel guilty inside. I guess i’ve been away too long, and maybe even for a much longer time to come.....=(

Pas balik kemaren, I noticed quite a few little things he did that amazed me. My brother is all grown up now. Salah satu contoh kecilnya..waktu itu, gue jemput dia sekolah…and I decided to go to carrefour first before we go home. And my brother was like..”yaah, mau ke Carrefour yah?..pulang dulu deh, inu gak bawa uang…uangnya di rumah”..trus gue bilang nggak pa pa , nanti kalo mo beli beli pake uang gue aja dulu..*hehe..enggak laah gue nggak bakalan minta ganti, gue ngomong gitu iseng aja* So we went to Carrefour and he grabbed a few snacks, chocolate, etc..trus bayarnya pake uang gue kan. Pas baru masuk rumah, dia langsung lari ke kamarnya, and to my surprise, ternyata dia langsung ganti uang gue. I was so proud of him, he is this little kid, who only have money on a very rare occasion (kemaren abis lebaran) but yet he understands about responsibility, that he has to keep his promise, dan yang namanya utang itu biar gimanapun harus di bayar!!. Emang sih, it’s such a little thing, but it’s the little thing that's often forgotten. Coba deh di pikir, berapa kali kita pergi makan rame rame sama temen dan pas waktu nya bayar, pasti ada yang bilang..”eh pake uang lo dulu yah, gue nggak ada cash nih, ntar gue ngambil dulu di atm” and all other excuses yang akhirnya malah yang minjem uang lupa untuk nge ganti, entah bener lupa atau emang pura pura lupa….apalagi kalo yang minjemin nggak nagih. Makanya…yang punya utang dan sebenernya udah punya uang tapi masih sayang buat ngebayar…huhu..i’m sorry…but shame on you...:P

Anyway, I think I spent quite a lot of time with my brother when I went home, but of course there’s no such a thing as enough time to be spent with your loved ones. And I still feel bad that I didn’t manage to buy the hamsters that I promised him the other day..huhu. But I did take him to his first plane ride though..=), introduced him to something new and gave him the kind of experience that will make him smile whenever he thinks about it!...Happy Birthday Ibnu sayang....hope you enjoy your pressies…=)

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