My Birthday

May 22, 2003

today is my favorite day of the year cause it’s my birthday..=)

the picture on the right is a 5 year lil old me..and i’m 24 now…old and cranky..hehe...i guess i've gone along way eh?

so i was born on may 21, and what does that makes me? a taurean? or a gemini?’s on the cusp, some sources say i'm a taurean but some sources say that i’m definitely a gemini..i check both of them whenever I feel like reading my horoscopes and I usually just go with the one that has more good news..hehe. but i feel like a taurean most of the times though…=)

anyway, i'm so grateful that life has been treating me good these past 12 months, it’s been a bed of roses.. basically what hanzky wants, hanzky gets. sure there are things that i wish didn’t happen, but the good stuff that happened far outweigh the bad stuff. i’m happy that it wasn’t just a matter of time passing me by, cause this past year is the highlight of my life so far. i managed to accomplish all the things I want.. took a big step to declare my vow about life time commitment...i guess everything that i have done and everything that happened to me during my 23 yo days represents the beginning of a wonderful future…and i just can’t wait to see what the future holds for me..=)

sometimes when I’m feeling good i like to think that i’m not bad for a 24 y.o..but there are times when i beat myself up mentally and think that i’m waaay behind other people and should have achieved more things by now, yea..i tend to compare myself with others a lot, cause i think that’s the only way you can see how far ahead or how far behind are you in the competition. but now i’m trying to understand that it doesn't work like that at all..we all come from different worlds, our brains do not work in a similar way, we have different talents and opportunities, each of us have different dreams and vision, there are things that are important to me to achieve that no one cares about at all and vice versa, we also have different strengths and weaknesses and our dynamic of life is different from the day we were born. therefore it’s just useless to compare ourselves to others and think that we have to match them in every aspects in life. so now i’m trying hard not to compare myself to the best others can do, but to the best i can do and whether i have maxed out my full when i look back in retrospect i know i won't regret a single thing knowing i have lived my life to the fullest...=)

anyway...thank you ya semuwanya who makes a point to send me birthday wishes…it means a lot to me to know that you care…=)..

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