Anne Frank House - The Annex

October 16, 2015

One of the highlights from the trip to Amsterdam was visiting Anne Frank House. We visited on the last night before we left the next day. Arrived at 7PM, with no tickets in hand. And boy was it a wrong decision! If you are planning to visit the museum please please please, book your ticket in advance! The line itself can be two hours long. Museumnya kan kecil jadi memang nggak bisa akomodir banyak orang. Di antreannya itu udah ada tanda-tandanya, kalo berdiri di jarak sekian berarti antrenya kira-kira 1 jam lagi dan seterusnya.

Anyway, we arrived around 7pm which was still bright at that time. When we found out that the line was long, I checked the website right away to see if we can buy tickets online and cut the line. Turned out, udah sold out doong yang hari itu. Bahkan yang untuk besoknya juga udah sold out. So we had no choice but to wait in line. Harusnya jam 9 udah bisa masuk dan museumnya tutup jam 10. Tapi kan sayang yaa, last night in Amsterdam and we spent it waiting in line. Akhirnya diputuskan untuk pergi aja lahh, nggak jodoh kayanya...

We decided to ride the boat and checked out the tour agency next door. Pas lagi nanya-nanya tiket di sana I noticed Jibran looked different. He looked really sad and very quiet. I asked him what's wrong? He said "If I say it would you make it come true?" And then he bursted into tears. Turned out, he wanted to visit Anne Frank so bad...:))). I didn't expect that. I thought he would be happy not to wait in line and just enjoy the boat ride. My little man cried because he couldn't visit a museum! I must have dont something right as a mom, right? 

So we went back in line. An old lady who work there came to us and told us to just come back the next day as she can get us tickets for the next day. We told her it was our last day in Amsterdam. She said she felt bad for the kids (it was windy and breezy) but she said she couldn't do anything. Oki got us some food for nearby Thai restaurants and we ate at the bench while he was waiting in line. And then suddenly, the old lady came out again and told us that we can SKIP THE LINE! Nggak pake abisin makanan lagi langsuung meluncur ke ticket counter. Senangnyaaaa nggak terkira deh. Rejeki banget buat Jibran yang emang pengen banget nonton. Rejeki juga buat gue yang selain pengen nonton juga mulai khawatir udah malam, angin banget, belom packing, besoknya flight pagi dan masih ada beberapa yang belum dibeli..hihi. Alhamdulillah, rasanya kaya pengen sujud sukur!

Anyway, of course lah the museum was worth to visit. Walaupun udah baca bukunya, tetep beda rasanya bisa masuk ke rumah di mana Anne Frank tinggal dan 'ngumpet' dulu selama 2 tahun. Liat kamarnya, foto-foto yang dia tempel di tembok, dapurnya, lemari yang nempel ke pintu ke tempat persembunyiannya, original diarynya dan semuanya. You will be reminded again how big of an impact this little girl has made to the world. If someone with a situation so limiting like her can be an inspiration and make a positive change, it would be a shame if we take our life for granted and not making a dent in the universe, right? Thank you for the legacy, Anne Frank.

So Jib was the happiest kid on that day. We bought Anne Frank book that's for kids and it has been their favorite book. 

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