A different kind of Monday

October 20, 2015

Today doesn't feel like the usual Monday I know. Monday that is always start with sharing session and back to back update meetings. It's because I didn't go to the office today :D. I had to go to Jib school in the afternoon which is already on the side of where I live, so in the name of efficiency I decided to work from home in the morning. I like working from home because I usually get more things done. There's no distraction at all when the kids are in school and I have more time to work because I don't have to go through traffic, get ready or even take a shower.            

So we had a three way conference today (students, parents, teachers) where the students let us know what they have learned in recent terms, what they need to improve, what their strengths and a step by step action plan on what they are going to get better. And then the parents have to write down what role we're going to play in helping the kids achieve their goals. At the end, both of us have to sign it, cause when you sign it it's gonna happen, right?

Back in my elementary school days, this was the day when the teachers distribute the report card and where everyone was focusing on the numbers. It wasn't a private one on one conversation with the teacher as every parents were gathered in the class room and wait for their turn to go to the table next to teacher's table. In my kids' school it's a whole different game. There's no number. Not since year 1 anyway although starting Middle Year Programme they will release grades every semester. The discussion was more on the kid's own reflection during the whole journey, what he enjoyed the most, his accomplishments, what areas he finds it challenging, what could he had done differrently. There's no comparison either. The focus is on that one kid. I love how the school emphasizes on the learning process instead of result.

For dinner, I cooked them Whole Wheat Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Chicken & Mushroom that I didn't bother to move it to a serving bowl. Je said it's YUMTASTIC..haha..my kids are always very complimentary whenever I cook. I even had to make another batch because they want to bring some for lunch tomorrow.

So yes, it's indeed a different kind of Monday. One that brings contentment because I got to spend it with my loved ones while still able to cross off my to-do list. This makes me sleep better. There's so many little things to be thankful for today other than mention above; the cool & refreshing chatime during a superhot day, the fact that four of us did maghrib together, helping jib with his blog and je with her homework, the coffee, the smooth traffic, the fact that I found a cab easily. And ohh the fact that Mbak Nur is back!! 

Let's remind ourselves to stop once in a while and appreciate the little things in our everyday life that sometimes we take for granted. If we can't be grateful for the little things, how is He gonna trust us with the bigger things? 

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