My #FitNFab Journey with Nike

May 10, 2015

When it comes to exercise, I'm not as consistent as I would like it to be. There are weeks when I can workout 3-4 times, but then there are times when I barely drop a sweat for 3 weeks straight. But you know what always keep me in check to hit the gym, aside from my growing waistline? It's Nike Indonesia! I've been fortunate to be involved in many of their programs since late last year. There's no feeling more energized and more positive than being surrounded with these fit and strong girls! They really do make me want to be healthier and leaner. 

The Nike Indonesia people and the agency team is also a joy to work with. They have been spoiling me with Nike goodies that make working out so much more fun. We can be sweating but we still need to look good, right? Learning more about the brand is also an exciting experience for me. Nike is one of the brands that I admire because of its mission and its creative innovation to stay relevant to our daily life and empower us to be #betterforit. They have successfully instil in me that strength is the new standard for beauty.

Now let me walk down memory lane from the first activity with Nike. 

NTC at Sana Studio where they introduced us about the Nike Pro Bra. Laila Munaf was known for her Zumba in the early days but now she is Indonesia's NTC Master Trainer.

Gearing up for NTC Singapore
Arrived in Singapore for NTC. Read the whole story in Female Daily.
What greeted me when I arrived in Singapore. By the way, if you go to Singapore. Try the Sofitel So hotel.

First time trying Barre

Another surprise when I entered the room after Barre class.


The FIERCE tribe. We were grouped with other Nike Women from the region.
Of course, our own Master Trainer was also on stage with the Global Master Trainer Marie Purvis.

500 women doing NTC at the Dome in Gardens By The Bay. It was soo much FUN!
#BajakJakarta. 10K OMG I couldn't believe I did. Only for NIKE!
Nike SPA Day on Valentine's Day. The invitation came with red rose you would think they will be pampering me with SPA treatment. Nope, turned out SPA stands out for Speed, Power & Agility. We all had to run from Plaza Senayan to Pacific Place, did an NTC at Ritz Carlton and ended the activity with Yoga. 


This was during the digital conference at Nike office. We got to preview the Spring Summer collection before they hit the store.

Nike Women. Feel free to match the face to the names in the picture above :p.

#NTCTourJakarta 800 hundreds women were gathered in ICE, BSD City. It was a half day event full of all kinds of workout. I was looking forward to this day but somehow I was feverish so I just sat around in the VIP area and joined the low impact workout, Yoga!

Didn't stay until the end during #NTCtourjakarta but I caught Marie Purvis by the entrance. So just had to take picture :).

So, that's it so far! I can't wait to see what else Nike Indonesia has in store for us girls in the near future.

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