Getting Back into The Routine

May 20, 2015

I have fallen off the exercise habit for the last 4 weeks. I don't even remember when was the last time I worked out. And in a blink of an eye, Ramadhan is coming and it's gonna be even challenging to incorporate exercise during the month. 

The reason why I didn't exercise lately, well what else but the crazy schedule and workload and the fact that I didn't want to lessen the minimal time I have with the kids. I know for sure that exercising actually helps us being more productive even though our schedule is already crazy as it is. But the thing is, I need enough sleep too. Not because I'm lazy but because I try to listen to my body and know what best for it.

Anyway, choosing what and where to exercise is a bit challenging for me too. I LOVE working out and I enjoy almost all kinds of workout that's why I try everything and never stick to one workout. But traffic is a lot hellish for the past two months. I lost count on how many times I have to get out of the car and hop on an Ojek, despite leaving earlier than usual. I've canceled workout sessions even though I was already on the way there, due to traffic.

The recent exercise that I enjoyed so much is Muay Thai. I always do it in Jakarta Muay Thai in Jl Daksa because it's the nicer one I find among the others in Kemang. Muay Thai gym is not like a fitness center gym where it's all shiny and fancy. In fact, it stinks! Some times I do it with a private trainer in the office together with Tjepi but it can get boring if it's only the two of us. Another workout I like is Pilates. Too bad the private session is so expensive. I find the affordable one in Dharmawangsa (Svarga). Their private session is also expensive but the class session is not bad, around 1.5 million Rupiah for 8 session. There are only 3-4 people in the class usually so it's almost count as private :D.

But those two places are outside of Kemang, even though the location is not that far, it could take hours to go there and back, unless I want to stick with motorcycle as my means of transportation. So I'm scratching off anything outside of Kemang. Kemang does have many choices but when it comse to class session the hours are usually not accommodating for working mommies like me. The other place I like in Kemang is CrossFit Equator where they have morning session but the locker and shower room is mehhh so I will have to wait until we have a shower in the office.

*sigh* Banyak maunya kan? :p. Now that I have compared a few choices I think the most ideal one for now is Celebrity Fitness because it's on the way to and from the office. And unlike Fitness First, it's right by the main road. I'm using their 8 days of free trial this week. Hope I'll stick to the routine this time.

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  1. mulai lagi muay thai? Gue udah sebulan off juga nih... kmaren banyak pergi2 soalnye...