Current Craving; Samsung Galaxy S6

May 11, 2015

My iPhone 5 broke down at the time Samsung Galaxy S6 launched. Coincidence? I think not :p.

I’m not one who always hunt for the latest gadget, although my husband will disagree with this statement considering I have Samsung Note, Fuji X100s Camera, Nook, Polar Watch in addition to iPhone and Macbook Air. I know I seem to have every gadget for specific purposes but once I have them, I’m very loyal to them. My iPhone has been with me for more than 2 years, and so does the camera. I also have the Nook for almost 2 years. I wouldn’t have any interest to replace my old Macbook Air if I didn’t accidentally pour coffee all over it :(.

Anyway, my iPhone has served me well since the day I got it. It's been abused too. The power button doesn't work anymore so I have to use the assistive touch. I've dropped it like every other day and even plunged it into a bucket full of water last month. Surprisingly, it still work! But just two weeks ago I dropped it on to the asphalt surface. It hit a sharp object that wrecked the glass. I still want to fix it first before considering buying a new one. But let’s say it can’t be fixed or it’s too expensive to be fixed, what should I buy?

Well, d’uh, Samsung Galaxy S6 of course.

Landed in Changi with Samsung team, bloggers and Arifin Putra, the persona for Samsung Galaxy S6

I was part of the Southeast Asia unboxing event in Singapore last month so I had a full day playing with the amazing phone. I took it to Gardens by the Bay, Orchard Road and National Museum and didn’t want to be parted with it in the end. First of all, I was impressed with how sleek it look. It fits nicely into my palm and the big screen make browsing so much more enjoyable.  Even Female Daily website looks ten times better in its gorilla glass. As a woman, of course camera is an important element because we always take selfie, oops, I mean pictures of our kids anytime anywhere. I had fun with the camera filter, the sensor where you can just wave at the screen and it will magically snap pictures of you. I’m really a noob when it comes to take selfie. I don’t know how to strategically place the phone for my best angle, pose and at the same time pressing the button. So this feature helps a lot.  

Selfie time. The room didn't have sufficient lighting and looked how it turned out. 

I know this is Samsung best phone ever and it’s supposedly come with the latest technology and fancy terms I couldn’t understand. But for me what matters most is just how intuitive it is to use this phone. It just seem so simple. And that’s why I LOVED it! I didn’t get frustrated at all like I did some times with Android phone. 

Oh and how many of you have used the phone while its charging? Awkwardly bending to the direction of the cable for the sake of scrolling your Instagram timeline? Well, this one features a built-in charging capabilities so we don’t need to plug in the device to the electrical outlets. How cool is that?

4 columns and 3 rows of Instagram timeline. I only get 3 columns and 1.5 rows with my current phone. This makes browsing so much faster and stalking a breeze!

Drop test? 

If I can choose, I’ll take the S6 edge because it just looks more modern and made for a better grip. But I’m not picky, really!

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