The Birthday Wish

May 27, 2014

I turned 35 last week :o)

It just felt like another day, though. Of course when you get older, you stop making a fuss about your birthday, avoiding questions about age. As if you need another reminder that you are now a year older and getting closer to 40.

Birthday, along with new year is usually the time when I contemplate and evaluate what I've been doing this past year and beyond. Other than the few bags and watches, along with some much needed traveling, I'm pretty content with everything else right now :D. I think I can say that I'm living my dream. Almost everything that I have is something that was once a dream. The house, the school, the business, the husband, the office, the passion and so many other things. Some of those things that I daydreamed was unthinkable, like I had no idea how they where going to happen. But I visualized them anyway.

Yep, I'm a big believer in the power of visualization. Not the kind when you visualize something and then it magically appear in front of you. But the kind that actually need a contribution on your part to make it happens. For me, it's okay if I'm clueless on how way to get there, but by visualizing it, I'm putting it at the forefront of my mind. And somehow, it helped me focus and consistently work toward achieving it, subconsciously. The key is of course to believe that you can actually achieve it and then the master up there will work his charm to find you the way.

Back then when I was living in the States, I had all the time to visualize. I did it everyday while driving through the highway, while doing dishes, while watering my plants or waited between my classes (didn't have smartphone to kill time at that time!), before sleep and other things. Now, the scary thing is, I rarely do that anymore. I rarely imagine the kind of future I want to live in! I guess it's the result of having too much on my plate that I don't even have space to think about things that are not asking for my attention. And when I do have a little bit of downtime, I grab my cell phone and start scrolling my Instagram timeline. I'm bombarded with WhatsApp messages, emails and all kind of request that sometimes sent me to exhaustion. The day when I can put a vivid image on my mind about my bright future is long gone. I went dead asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

So you guess it, the thing I'm wishing for on my birthday is to have that mojo of visualization back. To be able to stop for a moment everyday and create a mental note on the kind of life I want to live in for the next few years. I  want to wake up on my 40, 50 and 60 birthday and be thankful and feeling awesome that I've been living the life exactly how I imagined it to be. With his help, nothing is impossible.

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  1. Hanzky, happy happy birthday! May this year brings you as many special moments to cherish and to pause to =)

  2. Happy Birthday mbak Hanzky.. semoga di umur yang bertambah ini semakin rajin yah update blognya, betah sik bacanya. hhehehe

  3. Hi Dela, thank you yaa, happy to hear you like my blog :). Amiiin pengennya emang sering-sering nulis tapi apa daya karena nggak ada waktu jadi mandek di otak aja idenya. Tapi udah ada lagi tuuh yang baru tulisannya :)

  4. Thanks dear, amiin, wishing you the same too yaa :)