15 Sessions Later...

April 15, 2014

Last week was the last day of my session with the PT, so of course he had to make it a memorable one :D. I will definitely subscribe for another PT session once my knee is fully healed.

Three weeks ago, my left knee hurt really bad. It used to only hurt when I run, usually after the 2k mark. And this was happened  after my trip to the States last October. That’s why I rarely run anymore. But on Sunday around three weeks ago, I knelt down on my knee a lot when I was watching Jehan’s performance. A few hours later, I was limping L.

So anyway, after x-ray and visit to two doctors, I was diagnosed by a dislocated knee.  Nothing specific that triggers it but it something that has been build up over the months or maybe years.  Perhaps running made it worse, perhaps I was wearing the wrong shoes, or perhaps it’s just a bad anatomy on my knee :D.

I’m doing therapy by myself know and taken medication. I have bonded with my flats too. I am limited when it comes to exercise. But guess what, the doctor say that I should keep on exercising. I just have to choose the ones that are friendly for the knees like cycling, swimming, walking and even weight training provided I’m under supervision.  For now, I should limit weight training to the ones that don’t use knee that much, so mountain climbers, lunges and even squat have to be avoided. 

Thank God I have a personal trainer!

He showed me some exercises that fit my condition. We now concentrate more on the upper body as well as the core. Rowing and cycling is now used for warm up instead of running. My PT also showed me how to do stretching and cooling down after exercising to help with the healing.  It’s good that I can still exercise!

After 15 sessions, I’m more than happy to say that my waistline and tummy area has trimmed down! I started the journey with 79 cm waistline. Now it's down to 74 cm :). The abs also has shown some improvement, down to 89 cm from 97 cm :D. Yayy :)).

The scales only move down one kilogram though..but I trust the tape measurement now as opposed to the scale. As my PT eloquently said, “Yang penting lingkarnya, bukan beratnya”. In addition to the tape measurement, I’m also relying on my skinny jeans. If they fit better then it’s all fine with the world :). 

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