Meet My Personal Trainer

January 12, 2014

The last time I worked out with a personal trainer was last September. So recently when I decided to work out with a PT again, I had to find a new one because my old one is no longer in Fitness First Lippo Mall. This time, I tried the #FFLetsGetPersonal test in this website and the little test brought me to a personal trainer named Leonardo :D He is every bit as good as my previous one. So I’m happy!


Just like last time, the first session is always a series of fit test. It’s important to know what level you are in, how much you can take and how fit you are. The personal trainer can then use that as a base to create a program according to your physical ability. I did some cardio (about 10 minutes on the treadmill), strength training (hello push ups?), core exercises (various planks, my favorite actually), balance (star pose) and flexibility (I kinda suck at this). When it comes to exercise, I believe in the 5 fitness components and what we did on the first session touched all points of it.

Oh before the fit test, I had to step on to the Tanita scale. I wasn’t ready for the moment of truth, especially knowing that I had not been eating and exercising properly for the past month.  And it showed. According to the result, I still need to lose 7.4 kg of body fat. I was particularly shocked to find out that my metabolic age is 39! 5 years older than my actual age. My oh my. No wonder it’s so easy for me to gain weight but so hard to lose even just a little bit.

So my target is to lose more body fat, judging from’s doable to lose 3% of body fat in a month. I’ve lost 5% in a month, but I’m not sure if I can be as strict as last time. So let’s aim for 3%. When my body fat is lower and my muscle mass go up then my metabolic age should be closer to my actual age.  

When the fit test was done, we went straight to the weight area and picked up the bar and the plate for me. Deadlift and row it is. I love it when my PT emphasize on the basic, goold old movements. Deadlift is one of the compound exercises, one that utilizes the main muscle group. If I’m not mistaken, deadlift use more muscles than any other movement. It’s definitely something we need to master.

I wonder what he has up his sleeves for me for the next session. 

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