Busy Week Already?

January 13, 2014

Two weeks has passed since the new year and the late night date with my laptop has already started! Langsung ngegas begitu masuk kantor lagi :D.

Last week was an interesting one. We kicked the year with 100,000 members! What a way to start a new year, right? About 10 brands approached us last week for a proposal, let's hope those will lead into a fruitful collaboration between us :). I have attended a few meetings outside of the office and an SK-II LXP launch, along with two interviews (crossing finger they will join soon), and a dinner with Female Daily moderators at Pad 28. Internally, in addition to Monday sharing session, I had Dept head meeting, Clozette Daily, editorial, event meeting and the last one was with IT discussing about banner placement.

Currently we're finalizing Female Daily transformation which will take place at the end of the month. Something that we're so EXCITED about :D. A lot of things seem promising. Walaupun ada juga siih sedih-sedihnya minggu lalu, some unfortunate news but that's part of the growing pains I guess. Never ever expect the journey to be a smooth sailing one.

Also last week, I was this close to let go one of my dreams. It just felt like there were too much to handle and I had to prioritize. I've made up my mind to put this one aside and pursue it another time. Making peace with the terms 'You can have it all, just not at the same time'. But then I discussed it with the person who's been accompanying me along this journey and then there was a split second when my heart realized that I want it that bad, and that the thought of living with 'What if' question scares the hell out of me. I've come so far, so I might just pursue it and get it over it. So just like that, a latte and a tuna puff later,  I'm back on the pipeline and feeling enthusiastic all over again. We'll see what happen in about 30 something days.

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