2 weeks, 2 extra kilos & 2 shades darker later...

November 03, 2013

Remember this post? I've finally made it to Palo Alto and back to the US with the family :). We visited San Francisco, Palo Alto, Chicago, Carbondale, St. Louis, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. It was a two weeks trip, we left on October 4 and came back on October 20. Mixing business and pleasure judulnya. As a working mom, something to always be thankful for is the ability to integrate family life into your professional life. It was a memorable trip. I would say the business part, the Endeavor experience, was quite life-changing. I've met ultra inspiring individuals and other entrepreneurs from around the world. I received priceless feedback and encouraging supports that I badly need. I was given a light to guide me reach another level in my entrepreneurial journey. I believe I came out of the program a better person, as an individual as well as an entrepreneur.

It's a long story that should be saved for another day. Now the kids are bugging me to make them a batch of chicken wings :).

'Till later.

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