Today's A Good Day

August 13, 2012

Today is the last day at the office. We have a long break for Idul Fitri as we won't be opened until the 27th. Kinda sad to be away from the office for so long. But I, along with the others need it bad. I'm sure we'll be back refreshed and recharged after the holiday.

Err on second thought maybe not that recharged because the helpers are going home, hihi. Lucky me I'm going to Melbourne and Sydney to enjoy some chilly weather :).

Today Amal and I had a meeting with one of my favorite high street brands who wants to do another collaboration with us. It's always nice to have repeat clients, right?

It took us a while to get a cab to get back to the office so what a fashionista to do? Ride a bajaj!

Not long after I arrived at the office, I along with Vanya went to a #bukber event held by an insurance company. We haven't worked together with them yet but we have a good relationship. When we got there, we were surprised that the brand manager has been replaced. And the replacement is someone who has been our ongoing client at her previous job. Of course we were happy :). She also introduces us to a brand that has big potential to be our client. That's the thing with attending event. Sometimes, the benefit itself is not about the talkshow but the network that it can brings.

Funny thing happened when they were giving out doorprizes. There were two sunglasses to be given away and a few perfumes. And guess who got the two Calvin Klein sunglasses? Yep, me and Vanya! LOL.

After that, I went to Pacific Place, waiting for Oki to pick me up.

Happy that today is a productive day as I got many works done too in addition to attending the meeting and the event :)

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