My #FitNFab Birthday

July 26, 2012


I turned *gasp* 33 last May. Being someone who's never think birthday is all that important, I didn't have any special plan that day. I brought Nasi Kebuli for everyone in the office, just like last year *nggak kreatif*. And then it was work as usual and I went to the gym next door for 2 hours. I had the most intense exercise to date. What's a better gift to give to myself than a healthy me, right? So that's what I did!.

I went back to the office at 4 and everyone was doing their own thing in front of their computer until I got to my desk and saw a birthday cake lit by 'Don't Ask' candle LOL. Very considerate of them I must say, they know I don't need a reminder of how old I am. And the cake, Oh My God, the cake!. It wasn't just a typical birthday cake but custom made to the #FitNFab theme I'm currently living. Red rice, peas, carrots, grilled chicken and lettuce were on top of the cake. Granted it was fondant, but where's the fun if I still have to eat only healthy food on my birthday, right? So yes, I indulged my self in the yummy cake, and ran like crazy the next day..LOL.

So thank you :). You just made me one happy girl. Always grateful to be surrounded with people like you :).

bdaycollage bday02

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