I Need to Take a Relaxation 101 Class

July 03, 2012

One of the things to describe me would be; I'm no couch potato :D. Really, I never find myself sitting lazily on my couch flipping channels. In fact, I haven't watched TV in a long time. I do watch dvds and read books from time to time, but it would be close to midnight where there is nothing I can do anyway. If I happen to have my laptop on my lap when I'm at home, that means I'm producing something, not just consuming what's available on the Internet.

It's rare that I can be home all day on the weekends but when that happens, you can bet I'll be decluttering the house, reorganizing things, moving furniture around, cooking and other domestic things. Case in point was last Sunday when I was home the whole day. In addition to playing with the kids, I gave a makeover to Jibran's plain canvas board, I made a cover for my dvd binder, organized the dvds, created a book of organizing project planning worksheet where I listed down things to do or to buy for every room in the house. What else? Ohh, I sorted the kids' clothes and put them in different bag. One to hands down to family, one to hands down to the drivers kid, and a few to keep in the keepsake box. The other night I went home at 7;30, kids were away in Bali and Oki was still in the office. What did I do? I transferred all the spices into the new clear jars I got at Kedaung :D. Things that I could've just asked mbak to do it but I do it myself.

I remember last Lebaran and when I had no helper at home and didn't have Female Daily related things to do and house was under control, what did I do? I launched the Tootsi Kids clothing line.

Whenever we're arranging a vacation, the thought of sitting by the beach doing nothing just enjoying the scenery never entertained me. I just feel like it's such a waste of time. I cannot not doing anything and knowing the world keeps moving and watch it goes by like that.

Heck I have never ever been to a spa. Not even once. That's kind of weird considering I own an online fashion & beauty media. I've only gone to foot reflexology place once in my life. And I rarely go to a hair salon for treatment. It's always either haircut or a quick blow and dry. A really quick one because most of the time, I shampoo my hair at home to save time. I guess I just can't picture myself lying there for a few hours without actually doing something. Besides, ngerasa percuma juga because even if I don't do anything, my mind will never quit! I have one busy mind.

When it's cooling down time after every session with my personal trainer, he would give me a massage and stretch my muscles. He would always say that my muscle is so tense and he needs them to relax so he can massage them properly. And that's always a problem.

But the good thing is, I don't feel stressed out. I do feel that I need a vacation soon but I'm enjoying everything I'm doing. I might have  million things on my to do list but I actually look alright. I don't look like Sarah Jessica Parker in 'I don't know how she does it?'. Even Nopai once commented how she never sees me in panic mode :D.

Maybe I just don't know how to relax? Or maybe I find relaxation in different form than most people do?

Well, whatever it is..I believe that what we do everyday has to be something important, something that will bring us closer towards our goals because we sacrifice a day of our life to do it. The goal can be anything, whether to have a more organized home, to have more money in our piggy bank, to be healthier, etc. And hopefully, that's what I'm doing day in day out.

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  1. masa masa gini pasti berlalu kok Han.
    Been there done that :D

  2. So how long did it take to get passed this stage, Gus?

    1. Saat tabungan dan investasi dah cukup untuk biaya kuliah anak di luar negri Han :)