Hosting a Playdate

May 20, 2012

Jib has been bugging me about inviting his friends from school to our house but somehow I always forgot to arrange it with the rest of the moms. When he knew that class would be dismissed early on May 4, he made sure everyday that I have called every single mom of his friends..:D. Jadi emang udah nggak mungkin lupa, daripada diteror terus-terusan. 

So I went shopping the night before (we've discussed the menu) and reorganized the play area. I gathered all his toys and separated them with Jehan's. I made sure the board games don't have missing pieces. And while I was at it, I sorted the unused/broken toys too and got rid of them.


The kids arrived at 10:30 that day and screamed and ran around the house like mad when they first entered it :D. It's fun to see how Jibran and his friends interact with each other. I'm more than thankful his friends are a bunch of well-behaved kids. They enjoy each others company and don't seem to be bothered with my presence, which I assume won't be the case in two-three years time :D. I had to leave at lunch time but his teacher came by to keep an eye on them and the kids were happy to have him there. A proof about the quality of their relationship. I think they left around 3 o'clock and one of his friends said it's the most fun playdate he has ever been. Awww, proud that Jibran is such a good host :).

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