Weekend Glimpse

January 30, 2012

Some pictures from the weekend. I *think* I had a productive weekend. I ran! Twice!!. I finished a book. It was Rumah Cokelat by Sitta Karina. I baked. Only a banana bread, but still. I de-cluttered. I reorganized our tale of traveling corner. I also threw many items from the storage. A stroller, a few unused clocks & frames, an old laptop, a monitor and a CPU, lots of cables I had no idea what for and so many other things. I'm not finished with that area, yet. I also sort some of the kids toys and moved the bookshelves from Jehan's room to the play area. As a family, we ate out at Chillis. We grocery shopped. We went to the fish market and adopted a few fishes, a turtle from Papua and a baby lobster. We checked out the progress of the townhouse renovation. We visited the grandparents and went to Informa to get office furniture and had a quality time together. No mall visit, not even a stop at Starbucks (we enjoy our Nespresso so much) and didn't even turn the TV on, except for the MU vs Liverpool match (Indovision just decided to stop working so we used the old school antenna instead). Sweet :) weekend

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