Playing with the blocks

January 08, 2012

It was Wednesday night, I came home around 8 from Mommies Daily Book Meeting in Citos. I didn't know Citos is that crowded on a Wednesday, due to the ladies bazaar that they have every Tuesday and Wednesday. It took my driver 30 minutes to get out of the parking lot and picked me up at the lobby.

But all fatigue went out of the window when I saw this as I stepped in the house :)


They were playing, I think the game is called Jenga (?), it's where we have to stack same sized blocks into a tower and each player takes turn removing the pieces and stack it on top.

It was fun watching them having a good time together through the glass divider, while having my dinner. They laughed and screamed, afraid to destroy the tower and relief when they were able to remove a piece.

Jehan still needs to learn to accept defeat though :D. She was always shock to see the tower tumbling down because of her and embarrassed that the three of us laughing at her. Then she would run to me and told me she didn't want to play again and refused to talk to anyone..:D.

It was cute.

I remember a good quote I was given from the owner of The Children's Store; a good toy is not a toy that will quiet the kids down, but the one that will bring the family together.

And this one is certainly is a damn good one. Very thoughtful of Oki to choose this when he went to Hong Kong Toy's R Us last November :)



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  1. very sweet and really a heart warming picture :)

  2. Ahhahaha je is so cute! Btw ini mirip uno stacko ya? Lucuu...coba beli yg twister han, lbh tereak2an lagi ntar :))

  3. Aaww, we play this game at home and the boys gets very competitive about it. A good game, indeed.

  4. Yustin: Thanks dear :)

    Rika: Iyaa mirip uno stacko cuma bahannya aja dari kayu. Gue belum pernah tuh yang Twister, kebayangnya jadi kaya Yoga :D

    Irish: Pasti yaa soalnya umur mereka kan lumayan deket..hehehe..kebayang serunya :)