Easy Peasy Mac & Cheese

January 27, 2012

I stayed home last Wednesday cause I was catching a cold, but the kids were bugging me to make mac and cheese so I had no choice but to drag my butt to the kitchen to make my cooking debut in 2012. I wasn't confident it turned out great because I didn't feeling it when I made it (I'm never into mac and cheese anyway) plus I didn't have variety of cheeses and the dry mustard to make it more yellow. But as long as I put a lot of cheeses, what's the worst thing that could happen, right? It will turn out ok no matter what :D.

I made a lot of it because I figured Jibran can bring it to school the next day and Jehan can eat it for lunch. But turned out everyone finished it off much faster than the time I spent to cook it. The bowl shown below is not a personal portion and I had a medium sized bowl full of mac & cheese that I put at mom's house, which as Jibran reported, was cleaned by my cousin and my brother :D. So happy that everyone liked it, even Oki said it's the best mac & cheese I've ever made :D. Not sure if he was being honest or just being courteous, though :p. But judging from the amount of mac & cheese that everyone ate, I could say the time spent at the kitchen was well paid off.

That's the thing with cooking, sometimes it seems like a core but it feels oh so satisfying once everyone ate it like it's the best thing ever.


Ingredients: Butter, flour, milk, cheese (I used cheddar on this one but I usually put all kind I have in the fridge), salt & pepper and a dash of oregano.

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