What I learned from the two weeks trip..

July 15, 2010

I learned that I can live with a lot less. Such as with limited clothes, with one body lotion for the whole family and with the same bag over and over again.

I learned that I look just fine without eyeshadow on and without a fresh from the salon blow dried hair and overly done makeup.

I learned that it's really the American who started this fast food business and Americanized everyone with it.

I learned that the 'American' culture is growing much faster in Asia than in Europe.

I learned that Parissiane is a very environmentally friendly people. Most don't have air conditioner in their apartments and the office. Even the stores don;t feel significantly colder than outside temperatures. Fruit stalls are everywhere and they munch on cherries and strawberry while walking.

I also learned that in Italy and French, you can take your dogs inside a store.

I learned that I didn't miss my Blackberry. I haven't even bothered to reconnect the service since I've been back.

I learned that it's the park and the privilege to breath a fresh air while letting the kids run free that I miss the most about living overseas.

I learned that the African American in London look and behave differently than their friends in the States.

I learned that compare to the countries in Europe, the USA looks so plain and ordinary :D. But I still heart Chicago and San Francisco nonetheless.

I learned that after experiencing Dubai heat I've come to appreciate Jakarta weather.

I learned that sale is soldes, rebajas and saldi in French, Spanish and Italian.

I learned that even in Italy there's clothesline.

I learned that as I grow older I enjoy less busier cities than the tourist-packed ones.

I learned that kids really don't need anything beside food, basic clothes and their family when they can enjoy what nature has given them.

I learned that it's not only Jakarta that has traffic jam, pick pockets, litters and street vendors.

I learned that even in foreign countries I never feel like a foreigner.

I learned that I enjoy getting lost eventhough I had to drag a heavy suitcase all over Venice. I guess I was just happy to be there. Plus, it made me see the less touristy places and a more interesting day to day places for the locals.

I learned that products made in China are invading the world.

I learned that my ginseng coffee has once again proved that it boost up my stamina and fit level. I'm still okay eventhough I'm super tired and get only three hour of sleep and eating sporadically, while everybody else is down with flu. Now if only the coffee doesn't mess with my memory brain cell. *sigh*

I still have more but I guess this would do for now.

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