The first day of school

July 31, 2010

It was on Wednesday, they were still terribly jetlagged. I think Jibran slept at two and had to wake up at 6. But they were so excited that they didnt complain :)

I took Jibran to his school that day, went back home and took Jehan to school and stayed with her in class.

Jibran was dismissed eaely from school so he picked up Jehan at his old school and met his former teachers.

I still cant believed that Jibran is now a first grader, he was just a baby not too long ago.

I wish for them to have an enjoyable days at school, to have fun learning and absorping the knowledge at school. I wish them to go to the highest degree, to be able to study and live abroad, to exceed their parents achievement. My job is to give them a solid foundation for them to soar and become independent individuals. I might never buy them the latest toys or expensive clothes. But i'll try my best to give them my all when it comes to education and a trip around the world.

I love you munchkins!!

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