Congratulation Me..

July 15, 2010

For buying my own domain again :D. This morning, out of the blue I checked from my iphone and surprised to find that it's available. I'm pretty sure I had checked it before and it was taken, although I don't remember anymore if I have ever owned that domain. Maybe I have at some point in the past. I bought too many domains, from,, and maybe,,, and God knows what else..:p
So with the help from Thomas (the go to guy...hihihi), is now mine mine mine. Now if only I can take over the @hanzky so I can use it instead of @hanzkyy...and if only I can find more time to write here..
As cliche as it sounds, I do have a lot and I mean a lot to write. I just got back from a memorable two weeks vacation to Europe so of course I am excited to write about my experiences. Not just story about the places that I have visited but also my thought on the things I have pondering about. I've made promises and sorted out my hopefully I'm back from vacation as a better person and clearer vision of what I'm going to do and where I'm going next. At least until I can get this jet lag out of my system.......ZzZzzzzz

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