Getting closer to the PhD title

May 20, 2010

Not me, obviously, but my brother in law. I'm attending his dissertation defense presentation at IPB. If he can tackle this, he will come out as the 7th graduates from Program Pascasarjana Manajemen dan Bisnis Institut Pertanian Bogor. He did his master's in Saitama University, Japan and also an ITB graduate.

I'm not surprise if he is going to pursue another degree right after this :D

I have a great deal of interest on education too, I LOVE school, believe it or not. But getting phd title just never interest me. I guess I'm just not into academic field. But I do love being in a classroom and being intellectually challenged. I think I will go back to school someday!

Now that I think of education. My family from Oki's side has a long history of scholar. Oki got his master, and so did bh of his sisters. His dad has an MBA from SIU Carbondale. Even Oki's grandpa holds an MBA degree from Virginia Tech University. Wow..I don't even think my grandpa even graduates from elementary school..:D. My side of the family is heavy on the entrepreneurial background. None of them is a corporate slave as opposed to Oki's side. Interesting to see that we both now are a representation of our side of family :). With the exception that I'm also a believer in the importance of academic degree. When I was in high school, all I ever desired was to study abroad and get my master. It was not easy to convince my dad to let me go. He offered me a brand new car instead if I wanted to go to college here..but then he realized that putting up with my everyday nagging was too much to handle. So off I flew on that plane. One of the best decisions I've ever made.

By the way, Oki is about to have interview with Google, the greatest company on earth, in a few minutes. Just like I wrote on my Twitter. Google receives about 30000 resumes per week!. So to be selected for an interview is already an achievement in itself and shows how above the rank you are. Nothing but ProuD! ♥ ♥ ♥. Best of luck dear nduti.

Alright, enough bragging for today!
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