Eleven Years Ago

May 16, 2010

It's Sunday and we're staying home. I've spent the last two hours looking through my printed photo albums, sorting the pictures I want to frame while going down memory lane.

I am a happy snapper, always take pictures. So we do have a lot of them. They are my most treasured possession.

And then I came across this pictures of Oki and I. I forgot the exact date, but I remember it was taken on my first few months of living in Carbondale. I think it was Spring time of 1999, maybe in March. It was almost a year since we've dated each other.

By the way, the picture was taken in Rafi & Lin's house. They had gone back to Malaysia a few years before us, have two kids..but now they have separated :(. Something I didn't see coming. I remember that shiny nylon jacket was from Express, I got the blue one for Aan, bought in upstate New York just before we were about to meet up. Underneath the Mossimo Jacket. Oki was wearing the Hawaian shirt I got him for Valentine's day. It was from Structure.

It's nice to know that eleven years have passed and I have never stopped blessing the day I found him..:)

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