Happy 46th Birthday Mama

August 08, 2005

thank you for everything, for being beautiful inside out, for the millions things you gave me, for instilling in me values and morals, making sure i knew right from wrong..thank you for sacrificing your self for me, for every tears you shed to save me, for putting me before your desires..thank you for your patience, for your devotion, for showing me to be strong, for fighting your way through each struggle, i know no one in this world could do the things you've done and survived the life you've lived, thank you for trusting me with your thoughts, dissapointments and dreams, for being an unselfish woman in this selfish world..for your sensitivity to people's needs...Mama, you are loved by so many people whose lives you have touched..especially me. May god grant you peace, prosperity and happiness and keep the evil away!! I LOVE YOU!!

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  1. IkuTan DuNKzZ....Met UltaH ya mOm....*sMoga PanjaNg UMuR...*tambaH awEt MUda..*taMbah CanTIk*aNd aNK2nya...SukSEs2 smUwa...amIN...HapPY bELzDay Mom...LOvE u....MMmuaCh...._HaNNa_www.lilbubble.blogspot.com

  2. Ikutan juga...he.he.Happy happy birthday yha tante...semoga panjang umur, di mudahkan rezeki dari Allah..Amien..Terima kasih atas semua kebaikan tante. Tante kok wanginya nasi tomat kecium sampe sini ya...??? he.he.he.. kangenn..

  3. Aduh cantiknya si Mama... pantes anak2nya cantik2 juga.... hehehehe.Happy Belated Birthday buat Mama yah Han... semoga panjang umur, selalu sehat & bahagia bersama anak cucu.... AMIIIIINNNNNN