Sleeping thru the night

April 15, 2004

This is new...Jibran slept through the night last night…(for babies, sleeping thru the night = 5 hours of sleep at a stretch)..he slept for 6.5 hours..went to bad at 10.30, woke up at 5 to get a 5 minutes feeding and went right back to sleep and woke up again at 6.30..emang biasanya dia pasti bangun sih jam segitu…it’s the time when dendre is getting ready for work..takes a shower and everything..all these activities wakes him up…or maybe he just wants to say bye bye to his daddy..=)). After dendre left…we would just chitchatting in bed for about half hour and then he went right back to sleep..till around 9.30 or so.

Anyway..i think the reason he slept for so long last nite was because I put him on his tummy.. I’ve been meaning to do that but still kinda scared since sleeping on the tummy is one of the risks that cause sudden infant death syndrome. In some of the states..Daycare is not allowed by law to put babies on their tummy when sleeping, if they got busted..they would be shut down immediately, it is a very serious matter. But anyway..i gave it a try last nite cause I thought he can hold up his head for a pretty long period now so it must be ok..he can moves his head from side to side and he can also flip back..besides I put him in his crib which has a flat and a very firm mattress..not like spring bed which is a little bit fluffy…plus I think it is safer for him to sleep like that in his crib than sleeping together with me in my bed anyway ( we do this about half of the nite everynight)…there’s a greater danger with sleeping together…we can be rolling over on him and smothering him, etc..ya udah lah makanya di coba aja…dan ternyata manjur.

Waktu senin minggu lalu juga Jibran slept thru the night..i’m not sure if it was because of I swaddled him or because he took a bottle of formula dendre gave him when I was in class. Formula itu kan harder to digest than breastmilk jadi kenyangnya lebih lama. Or maybe it was because both things combined. But I wouldn’t give him a formula just so I could sleep better at night for now though…nggak tau nih I’m just not that fussy about not having enough sleep..that’s weird considering I was very adamant about having 8 hours of sleep before I have him. Mungkin karena gue emang udah expect kali ya kalo tidurnya nggak bakalan bisa lama lagi. Lagian Jibran juga nggak mau minum formula..waktu itu nggak ngerti kenapa di minum juga..biasanya he would cringe after a few gulp…trus yang nggak mau di minum lagi.

Ngomong2 tentang is one of the things that is really hard at first but very rewarding in the end…it’s really not that easy as it looks…I was about this close to give up…huhu. But now I’m enjoying it and I know when the time to wean him comes, I would miss this more than I thought I would. Sekarang Jibran udah tau kalo pas di pangku dan mau di susuin..pasti dia yang cengengesan gitu..hehehe..ketawa nya lain, keliatan excited banget. Sometimes in the middle of feeding..he would stop when I look at him..just to smile at me…huhu…that is my b/f precious moment.

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