September 23, 2003

This conversation took place a week ago:

Wife: "Sayang, nanti jangan telat yah jemput aku di kantor"

Hub: " Iyah"

Wife: "Beneran lho..jam 6 kurang harus udah nyampe"

Hub: "he eh he eh"

Wife: "Pokonya kalo kamu nyampenya jam 6 tepat aja, berarti kamu telat"

..and the wife passed away at 5:55 PM..

He did come way earlier than that and got a chance to see her for the last time when she, out of the blue had trouble with breathing and passed away on the way to the hospital. This couple is a newly wed, they just got married 2/3 months ago, so they are still in the honeymoon period ...I didn't come to their wedding cause i was here. But they did come to my wedding and were one of the first people in line to congratulate me ...and the husband told me that their wedding was going to be at the same venue as mine. And you know what, before they went to work in the morning on that day, the wife found out that she's pregnant..they were so ecstatic and blissfully in love. Who would've guessed that at the end of the day, it's time for her to take off..and that they will never see each other again in this world..

Buat koko, tabah ya ko, may God gives you all the strength and patience to endure all the pain and sorrow...and may she rest in peace..

Moral of the story: Always try your best to fulfill your loved ones' might be their last..and your last chance to make them'll never know.

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