Reminiscing Perth

September 09, 2003

At first I hated it…but then I fell in love with it..and now I miss it like crazy..huhu. I lived there for one and a half year, not that long…but surely long enough to make me feel like home in the city of “no worries”..

Kangen deh jalan jalan di city-nya, strolling around King Street, Hay Street, Murray Street, Plaza Arcade, London Court, etc. Kangen my fave shoe store, Mollinis and other boutiques such as LIVE, Tutti Frutti, Atelier, etc. I miss playing at the beach..when I first got there..I lived with an Australian family in Cottesloe area, and the house was just one block away from the beach..i used to take a stroll along the beach everyday. Trus waktu udah tinggal di apt sendiri..sempet tinggal di south Perth area, it was located by the Swan River, which is connected to the Indian Ocean and overlooking the city, it was a beautiful view from the balcony. Kalo siang rame banget di rivernya..ada yang rollerblading or biking along the river, ada yang BBQ-an or playing Frisbee, dan kebanyakan yah doing all kinds of water sports dari mulai boating, sailing, water skiing, wind surfing, rowing, parasailing, jet skiing…etc…some would just take the ferry and cruising around….Now I’m stranded in this flat land of Midwest area…

Di Perth dulu banyak banget orang Indonesia….saking banyaknya..jadi kurang lebih rasanya kaya di Indonesia juga.. ….I don’t remember missing Jakarta while I was there…bayangin aja, at the apt building that I lived, tiap lantai ada orang Indonesia nya..dan setiap lantai ada beberapa unit yang isinya orang Indonesia. The unit right above mine was actually occupied by my high school friends….dari angkatan gue aja yang ke Perth ada 15 orang....banyak banget kan?..kalo lagi ada perlu tinggal teriak aja dari balkonnya. Pergi kemana mana ketemu nya orang orang Indonesia juga, makanannya ya makan makanan Indonesia juga setiap hari karena restoran Indonesia banyak banget, dari yang fast food sampe fine dining. Some of the places that I still remember are Rasa Café, Sparrow (murah meriah), Matahari, Indonesia Indah, Kartika Restaurant, Rumah makan padang di leederville, etc. ..and that was actually one of the reasons why I ballooned up since the day I set my foot in that city…successfully gained 18 kilos in one and a half year…(if you are looking at the picture..don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!...haha) but I’ve shed all of the unnecessary weight the following year though..…..:P

I also miss Fremantle, it’s a town where a busy port is located, just 20 minutes from Perth. Kalo weekend sering jalan2 kesana, makan fish and chips…shopping at its vintage stores. I miss the cosmopolitan Subiaco and Claremont area as well…I wonder if they still have the flea market every Sunday. Banyak deh dulu kegiatannya main mainnya disana, dari BBQ, bowling..and oh clubbing was a routine every weekend (Duilee)..huehe…there was this one club called “excapade” and it opens until 7 in the morning, there were times when I walked out of the club and saw the sun shone brightly. Life was so free and easy back then, karena emang ambience nya gitu kali ya disana, very laidback…everybody just wanted to have fun and enjoy the sun during the days.

One thing that I don’t like about Perth, ( and other Australian cities in general kali yaa) is their shopping hours. Masa mall and all the stores in the city tutupnya jam 5 sih setiap hari?...Cuma hari kamis aja yang buka sampe malem….they called it late night shopping hours. Other than that I have no complain about the city, I love the transportation system..and I actually miss cruising with the jetty that I usually take if I want to go to the city from my apt… I love the city landscape, di tengah kota ada park yang agak di atas letaknya..namanya Kings Park..the city and the ocean view from there is simply breathtaking. Pokonya overall it’s my kinda city deh, the city where the downtown area is lively and is a bustling hub of shopping, cafes, sassy nightclubs, government and big business…and where the suburbs has small stores, used bookstores, delis and sidewalk café within a walking distance. The city where it’s not too big and too crowded but has enough things to keep you entertained all year long. And the thing that makes that city more memorable is because it’s where I fall in love..where I found the love of my life…somewhere along Aberdeen street….=)

Sekolah gue dulu namanya Perth Institute of Business and Technology, I was pursuing a Diploma of Communication..tadinya mau transfer ke universitas disana to get my bachelor degree..but then I switched my mind totally and flew to the United States instead. Well..i guess I’ve had my fun..and it was the time for me to go, and this was the way I I had to leave everything behind. I met a lot people in there, found new best friends, friends and so called friends. I learn quite a lot of valuable things while I was there.....I know I did things that I would never be proud of but hey I managed to get back on track.

I could go on and on about Perth....but I guess this is enough for now...tehee.....

* I’m listening to some of the songs from the glorious Perth era as I’m writing this..

You gotta Be – Des’ree

Frozen – Madonna

If I didn’t love you – Tina Arena

Doin just Fine – Boyz II Men

Semi Charm Life – Third Eye Blind

The Freshmen – The Verve Pipe

The Drugs don’t work – The Verve

If I Ever Fall in Love – Shai

The Real Thing – Lisa Stansfield

No Body, Twisted – K Sweat

I’m gonna get you – Angie Brown

Ditty – Paperboy

All my life – KC and JOJO

All songs from The Beautiful London Suede, Air Supply and The Lighthouse Family…

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