We are the champion

February 27, 2002

That was the song that wrapped up the game tonight...let's just say that all the long walk to the arena in a freezing night and the 8 bucks i paid for the ticket cause i lost my student id was worth it. I just couldn't describe the passion, the energy of the crowd and the player, the happiness that shows in everyone face that was there tonight at the arena....the crowd were like screaming down to their throat when the announcer announced that creighton lost the game...and that means we go up to the first position this season. Kudos to all of the players and the coach, it's been a great year for them and finally their hardwork is paid off...i know it's just about time.. Well..i can't wait for the weekend for the mvc tournament..we already got the ticket, and i'm going to 710 tomorrow to get my SIU t-shirt or jumper or something...i need to feel the spirit yoo..be all maroon this saturday..=) Seeyaaa

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