Note from the 20th High School Reunion

December 27, 2017

A message landed on my WhatsApp last month, it was an invitation to attend the 20th year anniversary of my high school (Labschool) graduation!

My oh my.

Has it really been 20 freaking years since the last day I wore the white and gray uniform? (ya iya lahh bentar lagi Jibran yang pake seragam putih abu-abu :D). Wow, time does go by quicker as we grow older, doesn't it?

Anyway, I can't help but feeling nostalgic. I enjoyed my whole 3 years in that school, I was about to write about my experience there but then I realized that I've wrote about the school back in 2004. You can read it here, siapa tau bisa jadi acuan untuk cari sekolah anak.

Ok, I may or may not come to class everyday :p , and I'm not proud of my grade but...aside from those two, there are things that they were trying to develop us into, stick with me to this day. Sometimes the things that don't show on paper are more valuable you know.

And you know what I did most of the time when I was in class and the teacher was explaining something?

I was busy writing.

Writing about anything and everything.

Every single day!

I loved to write since I was a kid. I was one of those kids who always have a diary. By 2nd grade of junior high school, I started writing letters to my closest friends, even though some of them were also in the same class with me or even sit next to me. I had stacked of books filled with my writings as well as my letters to my friends and their letters to me (we wrote the letters in the notebook). It went on all the way to high school graduation day. I still wrote letters when I graduated but I typed it in MS Word in my school computer lab. After that, the Internet came so I continued my writing in the form of email and then in 1999 I found out about this thing called blog and the rest is history.

So is it a coincidence that a few years later, sometimes in February of 2005, I started a beauty and fashion blog that later known as Female Daily Network? You can read my first writing in here, btw. Now that I look back, it didn't feel like it was a mere coincidence. It was something I had been doing all along. I just expanded it to something that could potentially be big. It was as if I was destined for it and I was doing my part in participating on how my life would unfold. It's funny on how can only be understood and narrated beautifully backwards for forward is still a mystery.

One thing that remains the same up until now is writing gives me joy. I get the sense of peace and joy whenever I write. It's like no matter how crappy my days have been, I can feel content as soon as I ramble about whatever it is I feel like rambling. I still write on my notebook too. I carry a small one with me everyday. Only this time is an upgraded Moleskine instead of you know, Kiky, AA, or Sinar Dunia :D

Lesson learned: If you have something that gives you energy, keep doing it, cultivate it, maintain and expand it and share it with the world. Who knows it might turn out to be something awesome.

Anyway,  I had fun during the event relishing all the memories, there is a sense of comfort about meeting people from your innocent days that have no expectation of you and accepted you for who you were.  And if I could do it all over again, I would still pick the same friends to spend the whole 3 years.

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