Bali Beaches; Kuta, Balangan, Green Bowl, Padang-Padang, Jimbaran

July 30, 2017

It's Sunday night and I don't feel like taking a peek into my calendar for the week ahead because I already know it will be filled with back to back meetings and preparing powerpoint presentation, one deck after another. So before I'm heading to a busy week, let me just take a peaceful moment for a few minutes looking at these pictures and reminiscing about the beaches we visited.

1. Kuta Beach
Standard, I know. This was the first beach we saw in Bali and ended up the one we visited the most. I think we ended up visiting Kuta Beach three times. Why? Because this beach has water activities for the kids. They took surfing session two days in a row for two hours each. They LOVED it so much and couldn't stop talking about it for days and already planned for a much longer vacation in Bali. Beside for the surfing session, the beach is so conviniently located and easily accessible. The mall is just across the street and restaurants are all over the area within walking distance. I managed to get a few kilos of running along the beach. First time running on sand :)

If you are looking for a quite me-time by the beach this is not where you wanna go though because there are endless of sellers trying to sell you stuff or services every few minutes. 

2. Balangan Beach
We got here when it was almost sunset and went straight to the cliff. Stunning view of the ocean that make you just want to sit there and ponder. You know the kind of view that makes you realize how tiny you and your problems are. It was just relaxing to hear the sound of wave crashing the beach while looking at the infinite ocean.

Since the view is stunning, this beach is a favorite for wedding and pre-wed pictures. We saw quite a few couples getting their pictures taken. But it wasn't crowded at all, the beach is a mix between sandy and rocky, we didn't spend that much time there because it was getting dark. 

3. Green Bowl Beach
OMG this it! This is the kind of beach we've been looking for. Dreamy crystal clear water in different shades of blue that is oh so refreshing and breathakingly beautiful. I will definitely go back to this beach again, even if I have to take another 200 flight of stairs. It was well worth it. The beach sits by the rock formation surrounding it and there are two caves right in front of it for the beach goers to stay in shade. The wave is so strong though that it was quite scary for me. I was thrown by the wave and hit some rocks, and now my right foot is full of scar. Not pretty. 

Make sure you bring some drinks and food if you plan to spend a few hours here. 


4. Padang-Padang Beach

Made famous by Eat, Pray, Love, the movie and the only beach visited where we had to pay for entrance fee. I don't remember how much but it wasn't that much, maybe around IDR 15,000? The entrance is quite nice though as we can also see many monkeys around. And to get to the beach, you have to pass a tiny alley. So tiny that it can only fit one person, we had to take turn with the people who were leaving the beach. The beach itself is not that nice though. It's small and filled with sellers, so there's no place to lay your beach throw and leave your stuff. It's also quite dirty, although when you swim towards the middle, the water does get cleaner and really nice to swim in because there's no wave.

5. Jimbaran Beach
This was behind our hotel, and as you can see, it was huge and there's no body there except these very old couple walking hand in hand. #GOALS, right? :)

So that's the 5 beach we visited and there are so many more waiting to be discovered. Here's to many more stunning beaches :)

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