Important Notes from Endeavor Scaleup Asia Conference

April 10, 2017

A few weeks ago, Endeavor had its regular Scale Up Conference. The last one was even bigger, I think it was called #ScaleupAsia. A full day event where they gathered mentors and new entrepreneurs for a one on one session. I happened to be one of the mentors even though I already told them I don't think I'm at that level yet..but hey everyone always have something to offer, right? So there I was mentoring 3 entrepreneurs.

There was a conference in the morning before the mentoring session where I was one of the panelists with other Endeavor Entrepreneurs. When Khailee is the moderator, you know it's gonna be one heck of a panel! It was seriously the most fun and honest panel I've ever involved in. He asked tough questions, mostly unrelated to business and more of our personal experience, the struggles and the challenges we face throughout the journey.

Two questions from Khailee that made me pondered even days after the even ended were:

  1. Who are you? Describe yourself without mentioning anything about your job and your company
  2. When it's time for you to leave the world, what do you want to be remembered for?
I'm actually quite familiar with those two questions. I know that what we do in the office don't describe who we are. I read Steven Cophey and I know we always have to start with the end in mind. In fact, the first day of 2017 I asked everyone in the office during the sharing session to write down what they want to be remembered for when they passed away. I know all theory alright? :D but I still don't have a clear answer when I'm being probed on stage with hundreds of people in the room. So I don't know what I blabbered at that time...but now that I have more time to compose my thought let me just write it down here.

  1. Who am I? I'm someone who love to create, and what I mean by creating can be anything..I love blogging, taking pictures, posting, reorganizing the stuff in the house, interior decorating, cooking when I have the time,  all the way to..creating a business (I first started a business when I was in Sophomore year. I see opportunity everywhere and I love to challenge and upgrade myself. I enjoy learning and there's so much I still wanna do, I wanna take short course in Stanford (Endeavor has a program with Standford & Harvard where all Endeavor Entrepreneurs can take short course with a more affordable tuition), I wanna take piano lesson, I wanna take better (professional) pictures. I'm a dreamer and a big believer in visualization. 
  2. What I want to be remembered for? Things that worrying me are; people who don't dare to dream big and women who see limits on themselves and just choose to just stay at home taking care of the family without pushing themselves to create something and be independent economically. So I really hope that through what I do and what I say and what I post, somehow I can make those who crossed path with me, especially women, can feel empowered and want to do more, for themselves, for their family, for the country and the next generation. One of my favorite sayings is: Cita-cita itu memperindah manusia, memuliakannya dan mendekatkannya pada kesempurnaan. Hidup itu harus diperjuangkan untuk menjadi lebih baik. I hope I will also be remembered as someone who strive for progression in all aspects of life. 
So that was about me. How about you?

Ollie, Anantya, Me & Mbak Sati the Managing Director of Endeavor Indonesia 

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