The Magic of Thinking Big

March 21, 2017

I'm currently reading this book, haven't finished it yet..but I just can't wait to share what I have observed recently in relation to this. 

Around us, there are people who think of #nolimit, they believe they can do anything if they put their mind into it and they think bigger than most people. If you have this kind of people around you, consider yourself lucky. There are also people who, when given an opportunity/task/challenge, always think of why it cannot be done, they see difficulty first before anything else. They limit themselves when the only limit is probably their own mindset. 

Anyway, during my trip to Bali, I met a few people who are considered the big thinkers. They think so big that they challenge the status quo. What they do impact others, and not just those around them but also on an even bigger scale. 

This was taken in Balangan Beach in Bali :)

  • First, well, I didn't actually meet him. But I watched Rudy Habibie the movie during the flight to Bali :D.  In one of the scenes, he was elected to be the president of PPI (Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia). As soon as he was elected, he developed a roadmap on how he and the other engineering students can contribute to Indonesia's development, particularly the aerospace industry. Sempet-sempetnya ya? Padahal dia di sana juga struggling with school tuition fee, passing the assessment to get the scholarship as well as health issues. Other people would just organize regular activities like charity, cultural night and stuff but not him because he thinks bigger and want to contribute more. 
  • Yansen Kamto. I know him since quite a while ago, and we even did an event together called Women Wired Weekend in 2012. So far this was our Female Daily Network biggest event and we did it because of his help. Sometimes after that, he ventured into the digital world and look at him now, already one of the prominent figures in digital industries, flying to Silicon Valley with Pak Jokowi and his entourage. Yansen has a few startups under his belt and under Kibar, he launched a national movement called 1000 startups aim to create new startups that will put Indonesia as The Digital Energy of Asia in 2020. He has been organizing roadshow all over Indonesia, inviting mentors to share their stories to university students and mentoring the selected startups. And actually this was the reason I went to Bali. 
  • Andreas Sanjaya. I've been in a panel with him twice and always inspired by his story. He has a startup called iGrow, a platform that connect farmers with land owners, investors/sponsors (you can be one) as well as crop buyers. And they make the experience so fun that the users will feel like they are playing farmville instead. Not that I ever played farmville, but you get the idea, right? Currently they have more than 2000 farmers and more than 10 million trees planted. iGrow is not only a promising investment, but it's also empower farmers, utilize underused land, increase domestic food production and help create a sustainable world. It's mission is far from commercial purposes, but more about preserving life which is very noble.

Of course, we have more people who are visionaries here in Indonesia, I happen to meet a lot of them and even live with one, I truly think what Oki is doing with Youth Manual is also something remarkable that help the youth and shape the future of Indonesia, but people will think I'm biased. Plus, I meet him everyday, in this post I'm focusing on the people that I met in Bali trip :).

So anyway, whatever we think, think BIGGER!

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