The Missing KeepCup

July 16, 2016

Thank God it's not missing anymore :)

I drink coffee about twice a day, sometimes three depending on the schedule. Most of the coffee I drink is for to go obviously. Drinking in a coffee shop is a luxury I don't get to enjoy often. So imagine the trash I would have accumulated if I use paper cup? Well I was guilty of it because I just couldn't find reusable cup that I like, until I found the glass version of Keepcup! First, I found it in Blue Bottle Coffee version during my trip to San Francisco. And this orange one I found on Otten Coffee. Technically, Nopai found it and it was during their buy one get one promotion, so she got the turqouise (her color!) and I got the more unisex color so Oki can use it too although he doesn't mind using my pink tumblr.

So my Keepcup is almost always with me. Last Monday, I brought it to my first meeting after the holiday at Century Park. I remember that I went to the restroom to quickly clean it so the coffee leftover didn't leak in my bag. Hours later when I got home I realized that my KeepCup was nowhere to be found. And suddenly I felt like something is missing from my life :D.  I called the hotel, described how it looks like and Thank God they found it!

The next day I went back to the hotel to pick it up. And the nice guy at the concierge innocently asked me 'Emang penting banget ya bu gelas kopinya sampe bela-belain diambil?' hahahaha. I couldn't help but laugh. I just told him 'Iya Pak, sayang soalnya setiap hari dipake'. And that thing is not cheap.

Well, the truth is I LOVE my KeepCup. I've been using it everyday, a few times a day since the first day I got it. It holds my source of joy and strength; my coffee! It's been to many meetings and it has always there through many important decisions. It holds a very important job and it never fails me even one time. I dropped it a few times and it's still look and work perfectly.

How can I not love my KeepCup? Like Konmari suggests, just keep the stuff that brings you joy and throw away the rest. This one is definitely a keeper.

I think I should give him a name. Any suggestion?

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