No More Frizzy Hair Thanks to Philips Ionic Brush

November 21, 2014

Sadly, my hair and I rarely get a long. I'm thankful I have a lot of hair but most of the time they are all over the place (baca: megar a.k.a rambut singa). I did hair smoothening about 3 months ago to calm it down a little bit. Even though it did help but it still not as smooth as I would like it to be.

So the search for the product that would tame down my hair was still on. Luckily, I was sent this new brush from Philips called Ionic Brush! Honestly, considering I rarely brush my hair (karena bikin tambah megar) I wouldn't try this if I saw it at the store because I wouldn't believe such thing would help. But boy was I glad I gave this one a chance :)

The size of the brush is like a regular sized one sans the stick, so it's pretty compact and fits in our hand perfectly thanks to its ergonomic design.  It comes with a pouch for traveling purposes and it works with an AAA battery.

The brush claims to make your hair smooth and shiny because it has a built-in ionizer that releases negatively charged ions to neutralize the positively charged ions in your hair. It flattens the cuticle, reduces frizz and smoothes instantly. When we turn it on, there's a tiny bit of vibrating  and air sensation coming out of the brush that we hardly notice.


Brush like you would with regular brush. The bristles are gentle so it won't damage your scalp and easily fixes tangled hair. The picture below is taken after I brush my hair for around one minute, and it's my second day hair. I didn't use hair straightening iron at all the day before. So of course I was happy with the result. My hair looks calm and manageable. And at the same time, I felt more refreshed too because blood is circulating happily around my scalp. I heard it's one of the secrets to keep hair grow faster. 

If you want to know more, you can visit Philips Beauty Facebook Fanpage and follow its Twitter account @Philips_ID. #RambutSehatPhilips

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