Thank You, Stranger :)

September 21, 2014

UntitledI went for a morning jog today at the Car Free Day, and as usual, I waited for Oki at Starbucks. I was planning to do some work but when I just opened my laptop, someone just sat on the table next to me and stroke a conversation about our twin laptop.

So we talked for quite a while. One topic led to another and we ended up talking about Female Daily Network :). I showed him the websites and he asked a lot of questions about the business, the team, how it all started and everything. He listened to my story with enthusiasm, he looked genuinely happy and excited for me. He gave me compliments a few times and told me I had found an unbelievable niche, 'there's a lot you can do with women and the business of making them feel and look beautiful', he said. He looked at me in the eye and told me that I will be very very successful in the future. When he finished his coffee, he said he wanted to wish me luck but he said he knows I won't need any more luck :).

Wow, what a nice encounter with a stranger  named Robert who comes all the way from Chicago for a short visit in Jakarta. He seemed to know that any entrepreneurs can appreciate a pat in the back once a in a while. I didn't get a chance to do any work at all, but I walked out all smiles and was touched by the kindness :).

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  1. seneng banget bacanya, aku juga pernah beberapa kali ky gitu :)

  2. it's time to pay it forward yaaa...bikin orang lain merasa seperti itu :)