Post by Email

September 19, 2010

One of the reasons why I like posterous is because it makes posting seems effortless..but it's so limiting (err at least for someone with no css/html skill like me), so I decided to move my blog somewhere else. I'm familiar with posting through Wordpress but I've already using it for Fashionese Daily, Mommies Daily & Fame n Frame so I've associated it with work..:D..and it just seems too heavy. Plus, the template is not exactly friendly either. Then I logged in to blogger
to see how it's like now...I was surprised to find many improved features in there. I especially like the designer theme where everything is just drag and drop..that's why my blog can look just how I want it in an instant :). Once I have figured out this post by email then I'm all set!

I have my entries from Posterous exported here..I tried it by myself a few times but it seemed like blogger couldn't read the XML file..and then Thomas came to the rescue..:D. He figured out that the xml file is different than the one usually accepted by Blogger. So what he did was...export Posterous post to Wordpress, then import it to Typepad and then export it again to have the file converted before importing it to Blogger. Such a long winding road! The comments are gone though (not that there are many of them :D) and pictures turned blurry.

I'm happy to play around with Blogger dashboard, it just feels like the old times :). Thomas was also able to retrieve my entries back from 2001 ..but I don't think I will export them to this blog, but looking at them gives me a warm feeling somehow...there are so many memories there. this post by email thing work?

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