Every Woman's Reference

September 19, 2010

Published in The Jakarta Post, Sunday, September 19 2010. Written by Rizka Agustina, who will be joining Fashionese Daily starting tomorrow :). I'm still waiting for the print version.


When a great passion in life meets a hobby for blogging, it may result in a successful business. Fashionese Daily (www.fashionesedaily.com), Indonesia’s most trusted fashion-and-beauty- related website, is a result of such a combination.

“We are trying to incorporate articles and interviews while providing a more proactive and participatory network while maintaining the integrity and the tone of a blog,” according to its website.

Fashionese Daily has become a comprehensive resource and a major destination for people seeking guidance on their fashion decisions. Its contributors are not afraid to voice their honest opinions and that’s what makes the blog interesting.

Audiences are able to comment on each post or discuss topics on the site’s “Female Daily Forum”. Community members often meet each other in the real word. The latest get-together was a Ramadan fast-breaking gathering at a restaurant in Kemang, South Jakarta.


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