How does it feel to turn 31?

June 15, 2010

I turned 31 a month ago..and honestly don't make a fuss about it. It's so different from when I turned 30 from 29. THAT my friend, was a big deal. I was in denial for close to a month before I have finally accepted it wholeheartedly.

Everyone in the office surprised me by coming out from the back room, bringing cake (with candles that were smartly switched to 13..hihi). Of course, it was a lovely surprise (although I kind of 'smelled' something before..hehehe that was the nosy and the detective me talking), it was still surprising nonetheless. They also brought Affi's aunt famous lasagna for our lunch...(and I got to keep the leftover and ate it everyday for the whole week...yummy!).

I received many tweets and messages on my Facebook wall that day. So many that I don't even get a chance to reply them one by one, especially the ones on Facebook. It amazes me that people are willing to take the a minute of their times to click on my profile and leave wishes for me. Something that I don't do often enough :(.

Obviously every single wishes is truly appreciated, I keep them all in my heart...but there were a few tweets and messages that brought me to tears. The ones that emphasize more on who I am than what I have done. It's nice to know that some people notice that there are more to me than things that I have achieved.

I just realized that I can learn more about me and found out what I projected myself to be from people's birthday message to me. Interesting...:)

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