Are You a Hoarder?

June 15, 2010

I just learned about this term today from Vanya. A hoarder is someone who likes to keep everything. And by everything I mean clothes that don't fit anymore, brochures from a product that you think you might need in the future, souvenirs from someone's wedding that don't serve any purpose in your house/desk or broken things that you plan to fix 'later'. Basically, a hoarder is a junk collector :D. My friend's mom is a compulsive hoarder that she keeps empty pizza boxes and styrofoam from takeout orders :). My mom is a hoarder too although thankfully she is not that severe.
We were talking about this mental disorder when we were organizing our office and preparing it for the TV crew today. Turned out, a few people in the office find it hard to get rid of old stuff too (ayo ngaku siapa! :p ).
I am far from a hoarder. I don't like to keep stuff unless their presence can bring value to my life. I have always do a regular spring cleaning on my closet and my kids closet. That's why I am never one of those people who would find a treasure at the back of her closet because I know exactly what I have. So yea it's an old habit and I especially even more adamant about keeping less stuff since I learned about feng shui and how those junks can complicate your life.
Like other things in life, our upbringing contribute a lot to our preference. I didn't have a lot of stuff growing up, be it clothes or I'm used to have empty spaces around my house, or in my drawer. I moved house MANY times. For the 31 year I have been living, I have moved house about 26 times, believe it or not. I've been to 12 different schools and live in four different countries.That is enough to contribute to why I don't like to hang on to things because packing and unpacking them is not fun. That also contributes to why I don't get attach easily. How could I get attach if I don't spend enough time with my surrounding? Or maybe I just learned to build a wall because I know I will have to leave them soon anyway...:(
But there will be times where we have to settle, at least for a few years. And as long as we still live in Jakarta, this house is where we're going to live. I'm still longing to go back to living overseas with my little family though, but not now and not in the next few years. This is where I meant to be living for the time being..:)
Alright, let's go back to throwing all these junks in the office...:D
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  1. my mom-in-law is an absolute hoarder. She still keep sour sally's cup, all of her children toys, 'jadul' handphone+the box, etc. It's annoying just too find some spice in her kitchen because all of 'that stuff'.

  2. OMG Sour Sally's cup? :D Persis kaya temennya nyokap gue yang suka nyimpen box2 KFC, mending kalo bucketnya..trus juga pizza boxes. Nggak jamuran apa yah?