Twitting Away

February 26, 2010

I'm enjoying my personal Twitter account. It's nice to finally be able to just write any junk that I feel like writing. Didn't want to broadcast personal infos on Fashionese Daily or Mommies Daily account because I figured the followers decided to follow those two accounts to read fashion/beauty news and motherhood/kids development tweets not to read my uninteresting personal life :D

At first I just wanted to keep it to my self, but there were times when I wanted to comment on someone's Tweet, so that's how it went around. But I honestly don't hope to have many followers. That's why I don't even put my real name there although hanzkyy is pretty much my Internet identity. I used @awfullyrandom before but it took quite a few characters out of the already limited character available.

I think it's scary to have many followers, at least that's what I thought. I believe that when you already have thousands of followers then you become a media..and people expect you to write something smart, or witty, or inspiring or whatever image it is that they have framed about you. And then if you care, you would start to be careful about what you tweet, wonder if it's going to insult some people or whether you've used correct grammar or not and some other things that it's going to feel like you're under a watch that makes tweeting feel like work.

I also received quite a few questions regarding my somewhat under the radar account. Don't you want to brand yourself?, ask a friend of mine, in which I replied with a big NO right away.

I'm not on Twitter to do personal branding, or to promote something, let alone to inspire or motivate people. I'm not there for something bigger.

I'm just there to be me.

I know what I do is part of who I am but I don't think that's what define me. It helps explain myself, but I'm still the same person without my job. It's my heart that defines me...

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