2010 Resolution

February 22, 2010

I didn't specifically jot down what this year resolutions are, but I kinda have it in my mind the things that I need to accomplish more and less.
1. Toward the end of the year, I wasn't too proud with my sholat record. Really!. I know I shouldn't justify this but the super cramped space at work really didn't give me a peace of mind when I prayed. I told my self that by the time we moved to bigger office, there's really no reason for me to miss any of it. And that's what happened..:). Now I even feel really bad if I miss it. Not so much because of I feel like I have to, but more like I need to. In a overwhelming world we live in, it's nice to take a few minutes off, to touch the refreshing cold water, to surrender, to put everything aside, and it's just you and your master.
2. Spend more time at home. Which means I have to get home around four. Sadly I haven't achieved this..hopefully the schedule is friendlier next week. I cannot wait to lounge around at home with Jibran & Jehan.
3. Have control of what goes in into my kids mouth, along with my husband mouth, of course. Due to #2, I still cannot cross this list of..:(.
4. Hit the treadmill. I did...for the first time last Sunday :D. Will make it a regular. The goal is three times a week.
5. Save?. Alright, after the big purchase I'm about to bring home this long weekend!. Deal?

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