Post Ramadhan & Ied Spirit

September 25, 2009

Jujur aja, selama puasa kemaren gue ngerasa kurang produktif. Ya ya, lapar, haus dan ngantuk (serta sedikit keleyengan) memang selalu dijadikan kambing hitam..:D

Makanya sekarang menggebu gebu sekali rasanya. Walaupun tetep aja belom bisa berbuat apa apa sampai si mbak balik. Now I'm just gonna cherish the moment with the family sebelum diterjang kesibukan lagi.

Ada beberapa personal challenge that I'm going to take. First is joining the gym and getting rid of my flabby arms and abs. And tone down my tights. Will work on personal trainer cause I just know myself..:D.

Beauty n other health challenge is to finish of the rest of my teeth work and then getting rid of my freckles, nailing a sleek blowout at home and then applying false lashes effortlessly.

Work wise, will focus and try to take FD, along w/ its PR division and closetquickies to a whole new level. It's doable, we just need to put more effort and heart into it :)

Next week, I will also begin to teach Jibran how to read..:D. I am determined to teach him myself, without the help of Kumon reading center or other institution that offer private lesson. If my mom was able to teach me then there's no reason I can't.

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