When the link is broken

July 21, 2009

Living in the US is different with living in here. Well, of course, especially with the fact that  my role  and my responsibilities has changed a little. I was a stay at home mom back then, taking care of the house and the three of us. There was nothing else I needed to do outside of my role as a mom and as a wife, and I depended on no one. Just myself. In here, I'm not a 100% full time mom, I have works to do outside and I can do that because I have the support system. My mom, to watch the kids when I'm away, the maid to make sure the house is always clean and we have food to eat, the nanny to take care of the kids, the driver, to take me anywhere I need to go. All of them is interconnected so when one of them is missing that means I have to alter the plan. That's how depended I am on them...:(

The situation in these past few days haven't been on my side. The nanny is sick, I haven't even seen her the last 2 days cause she just sleep helplessy in her room (mom took her to the doctor today though). The house is super messy cause we just moved in, boxes and stuff is everywhere. I have a lot of works to, FD-wise. But I don't have a land internet connection yet, Telkomsel Flash is unbelievably slow. Nduti is sick as a puppy, his temperature is pretty high. And when Jibran went home from school, his temperature skyrocketed too, he said he was dizzy and he felt warm too...:(. Meanwhile, it's the first day of my period and I made a dumb mistake by chewing a gum on the tooth that has untreated cavity and it hurt like hell!! I even cried for a good one minute, not just because of the toothache but by everything that has spiraled down since this morning..:(. I felt like ripping my hairs off.

Thank God I feel much better now (eventhough my throat and my nose is giving  me annoying flu symptomps, hopefully they'll go away tomorrow morning). Let's hope nduti and Jibran feel much better too tomorrow.

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