On Resigning Gracefully

March 12, 2009

Kemaren baru denger kabar kalo seseorang baru pindah kantor, jadi dia udah tiga hari ngantor di kantor barunya, dan  berarti selama tiga hari itu pula dia ngilang dari kantor lamanya. Yupe, this person started a new job without even giving a resignation letter to the old office. Padahal dia juga baru 2 bulanan kerja disitu dan seneng seneng aja sebenernya sama kerjaannya dan suasana kantornya, nggak pernah ngerasa di perlakukan secara tidak fair. So why did this person leave the office abruptly is beyond me. I mean, I can understand if there’s a better opportunity come knocking your door that you can’t pass, afraid that it might not come again. But it’s only common sense to handle the whole thing with dignity and follow the standard procedure, like giving them two week notice and say proper good byes and thankyous to everyone at work and leaving a good impression about yourself.

I believe good manners can take you faaarrr in life, especially when you’re just at the start of your career. Jakarta is small, it’s not impossible to bump into the people from the old office in the future, or to have the ex boss become your boss again. I also believe that unfinished business can create obstacle down the road. So better closed one chapter first before moving on to the next one. But hey maybe that’s just me, afterall we all have different set of standards and values for ourselves.

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