January 13, 2004

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday, which turned out to be the last appointment for me during this pregnancy...was supposed to have another appointment next monday but my doctor quickly changed her mind when the ultrasound machine showed the baby's weight at 8 pounds and 12 ounces..*that's like 3.9 kg*..and that's too big for my profile and he's just gonna get bigger if i go past the due date. So the nurse called the hospital right away to schedule an induction for me, my doctor wanted it to be sunday *January 18 - midnight*, the hospital has a spot open for me for that it's all set...i'll be going to the hospital for the induction if i don't go to labor on my own until then. I'm kinda scared... but i'm trying to look at it from the bright least i should be able to hold my baby by next monday..or tuesday the more waiting in uncertainty for me...YAY...! But i'm still hoping to go naturally before sunday though. Please please send some labor dust my wayy........=))

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