Ebay junkie

December 23, 2003

teehee... just won a bid on ebay a few seconds ago..this is definitely the most pricey and valuable item we have ever bought online..the last few minutes of the auction was pretty intense..tapi emang kalo jodoh itu nggak kemana..=))

Weekend was fun, consist of good food..good people..good talk and good laugh. Went to have dinner at stir crazy on friday night. I'm officially addicted to it's famous banana wonton desserts, it's a fried wonton wrapper filled with banana and white chocolate, with cinnamon sugar, caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream on top of it...it's good for the souL. Sabtu nya pagi2 ke optik and then have brunch at a dannish pastries nearby..dan sorenya ke pengajian at deb's, it was the last time to be held in her house cause she's leaving for good end of this month..and since it was the last time....of course the food was special...*nyam2*....abis itu mampir ke rumah om bentar..ngobrol ngobrol. Minggunya bangun pagi..*hey 10 o'clock is considered early for sunday right?*....mandi2 dan langsung ke LULU for dimsum session...all 18 of us..rame banget deh..dan kita kalap gitu mesennya..hehe...abis itu strolling down delmar boulevard dan beli babelti. Trusnya ended up at Babies R us and got my baby a car seat...=))..The weather was unbelievably nice last weekend, around 50s...unlike the previous weekend where we were hit with snow. I can live in a weather like this forever...hari ini juga masih enak banget weathernya..i didn't even wear my jacket at all..too bad i had to work and deal with my bitchy manager instead of enjoying the weather outside....Oh by the way..they just upgraded the networking system at work, now we can share documents with other computers..making working in a team a lot easier..

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